10/06/18 (Sat. Mid.) Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Comb (710)


Dream of my Late Father / Brown Extension Ladder posted yesterday (1) day ago.

My Father's Bday is (10/7 or 107)

Read Original Full Dream Below:

10/05/18   10:45 AM CDT.

New Prediction

My Late Father  Born 10/07/ Passed 9/23/1989 

Special Note: You can look back in the Archives to find the Dream where my Dad gave me a message about the recent Historical Major Eruption of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii over a year before it occurred and that another Supreme Court Judge would step down a year before that manifested. (That was Justice Kennedy). 

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (107), (1007), (1915/ Year of Birth) and what manifested on 10/07/16 and 10/07/17 to possibly hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3/ Pick 4 Jackpot within 30 days.

Special Note: Will include bday 10/07/15 because the Subconscious Dreamweaver conjured up a younger version of my Late Dad. 

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (923/Date of Death), (1989/ Yr. of Death) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot within 30 days. Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 9/23/1989. 9/23/16 and 9/23/17 could hit in any combo within the next 30 days.
Former phone (0658) and address digits (2503/2647/2725) are Fla. Lotto Eligible. 

Note: 99.9% of the time when the Dreamweaver conjures up the Deceased it is Fla. Lotto related. It could also mean someone I Know or a Family member will pass soon. But most of the time it leads to Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpot combos within short time frames. 

Note: The Dreamweaver conjures up my Late Parents a couple of times in a month. The last few times resulted in their prior home address digits manifesting into Fla. lotto Pick 4 Jackpot combos.

Dream/POV/ Inside of what felt like My Late Parents Home

My Dream Character was examining this brown extension ladder that was propped up inside of this area of the House.

In my mind I was trying to recall when I bought this ladder.

My Late Dad (younger version) suddenly enters through a door that he leaves open. He looked like he had been working outside.

He spies the ladder and goes to get it.

I ask (Hey Dad...didn't I buy that ladder about a year ago?)

As he grasps the ladder (I think it was a year ago...maybe longer) 

He picks up the ladder and carefully moves it toward the door.

Me (Do you need some help with that ?)

Dad (I got it.) and he exits with the ladder.


This very real and life like vision got my attention on Dream Fragments my Late Dad and this Brown extension ladder.

Always enjoy visiting with my Late Parents. They appear healthy, vibrant and very much alive in these Dreams.

Brown Extension Ladder Dream Fragment

The Subconscious Dreamweaver has a reason for everything it shows me in a Dream. Interpreting the reason why is the challenge.  


The ladder (extension ladder) was going to be used to climb up. Although I was not engaged in the act of climbing during the Dream. 

This could mean I'm climbing higher or will be toward something.

Other reasons:

And it could mean I'm going to need an extension ladder for some reason in the near future. 

I own a tall ladder but it is not a brown extension type.

News reasons:

It's possible one or more people that own a specific brand name extension ladder could be injured or maybe killed due to defects with those ladders. Maybe those ladders are brown in color.

Major News Sources could report the name of the company and a major recall ensues. 

This type of news might manifest before the end of 2018 or later in 2019. Extension ladder, ladders or just ladder could lead headlines. 

One other thing:

A brown extension ladder might become newsworthy in some other manner. 

One could fly off a work vehicle and hit another vehicle or something like this. Would be reported as a Freak Accident. Not limited to this suggestion. 

I could be running errands and see one being used or hanging on the side or top of a work vehicle and nothing more will manifest in regard to a brown extension ladder. 

We will see where this leads

My interpretation could be off

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