10/09/18/ This is another major Water Event Dream from 7/02/18 that appears to indicate something that brings a lot of Water to my area. My neighborhood was used by the Subconscious Dreamweaver as an example. To get attention to my area of Florida in the Panhandle. 

Read Original Full Water Event Dream in my Area Dream:

7/02/18   12 NOON

New Prediction

Curtis W. Born 5/27

Dream/POV/ Daytime

I was watching Curtis boxing up all sorts of stuff and storing it in his garage.(But it was not the Home next door to me) Some of the items looked like some of my stuff. (I was puzzled by this)

It had something to do with preparing for a bad storm predicted for our area.

To my right I could see an unknown neighborhood street. The skies looked dark. 

The sound of rushing water got my attention.

I yelled to Curtis he needed to hurry up and close the garage door because I felt we were about to get hit by a flash flood. 

He finished with the last box and closed the door just as a huge wave of water came out of nowhere and hit the neighborhood area I was looking at. 

It wiped out everything in it's path. 

I glanced at Curtis who appeared shocked. 

My thought was the garage door would never keep water like this from damaging all those cardboard boxes.  


This shocking Dreamscape got my attention on Curtis and this massive water event.

Explained at the top why Curtis was conjured up.

Water Event Dream Fragment

This might mean my area is about to get hit with some serious rain.

That rain might be connected to an unusual storm system, Tropical Storm or a Hurricane.

A rare Tsunami could hit the area. 

News Video of sudden tragic Flash Floods hitting and wiping out towns and neighborhoods are not uncommon. 

It has been mentioned more than once that the Subconscious rarely shows me anything for general or run of the mill purposes. 

This makes the second dream I have had regarding a massive water event to hit the panhandle of Florida. 

You can look back to the one I posted about the Destin/ Fort Walton Beach area a few weeks ago. 

We are in Hurricane Season but my area has not had a direct hit in many years. We have had damage from close by storms. 

A direct hit by a Hurricane would devastate our area. Especially on the Beach. 

Inland low lying areas would experience severe flooding and more than likely some be hit by Flash Floods.  

I don't think my neighborhood would be affected by a Flash Flood but it could experience flooding with prolonged rain event. Some homes are lower than others and the streets have flooded before. 

A water event could be caused by a dam burst, or even some freak water tower incident or as mentioned a rare Tsunami or tidal wave event. A water main break or something like this is also a possibility.

This is not an easy Dream Sequence to interpret. I will have to give this more thought and might update it later. 

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