10/25/18/ Another significant Dream that appears to be connected to Hurricane Michael. Verizon Cell Phone service was out for a very long time in our area creating major communication chaos. Also the local  Gulf Coast State College got hit hard. Verizon and GCSC were standouts in this July 30, 2018 Dream. Read Carefully. There are a number of other Dreams that were posted prior to Hurricane Michael.

7/30/18  10:20 AM CDT.
New Prediction
 Charles W.    Born 12/27 

Dream/POV (Changing Scenes)

The Dream opened with myself chatting with Charles via my flip type (non smart) phone. 

Split Screen within the Dream

Now I can see Charles driving a car while asking me where I was located so he could visit. 

Unknown Small Strip Shopping Center/Daytime

Charles drives up and pulls into an open parking space right in front of me. I can see an unknown female passenger. 

He gets out of the Car and we greet each other with a smile, handshake and hug. 

Scene Change/ Evening

I'm on the top floor of what reminds of a parking garage, but I don't see any cars. I pull out and open my Flip style Cell Phone. 

Next thing I know a Security Guard with long brown hair and barefooted rushes up and asks me what I'm doing on the campus.

I replied (Campus ?)

That is when I glanced around and realized It was the local Gulf Coast State College. 

He said (Yeah....how did you get on the campus and what are doing up here ?)

Show him my phone (I came up here to get better cell reception)

His reply (Phone service is down all over) (I thought he mentioned (Verizon).

And there was some other back and forth that I needed to get off the campus etc. 


This group of very life like Dream sequences got my attention on Charles W., Cell phone outage, a College Campus (Possibly the local College), a parking garage and this odd barefooted security guard.

Explained at the top why Charles was conjured up.

It is possible we might reconnect in the near Future for some reason.

No travel plans taking me to Hollywood anytime soon.  

Note: Phone Dreams can be connected to the Fla. Lotto.
The last (4) digits of phone numbers can manifest into Fla. lotto Pick 4 Jackpot Combos. 

Cell phone outage Dream Fragment

The odd security guard mentioned cell phone service was out all over.

This could be a heads up that cell service in some area will go out soon. Might be in our local area or cover a much wider region of the USA or World for that matter.

I thought (Verizon) was mentioned. Not limited to Verizon. 

Major news sources would more than likely cover a mass cell phone outage. This could happen before the end of 2018 although it feels like it could manifest sooner than later.  Headlines might read Cell phone outage etc. or something like that. 

A prolonged outage would create some chaos. 

Verizon could make news headlines in some other manner in the near Future. 

College Campus Dream Fragment

The Dream indicated I was on the local (Gulf Coast State College) Campus.

The last time I can recall being on this Campus was in (1993) when I promoted a Bodybuilding Show at the school's Fine Arts Auditorium. 

So I have no idea if they have a three story parking garage like the one shown in the Dream. Maybe one will be built in the near future. (This may have been a fragment in itself with no connection to the local college)

No plans to visit (GCSC) anytime soon. 

The address digits of (5230) could manifest into a Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Jackpot soon or within the next (30) days. 
Note: these (4) digits hit on 7/23/18 (last Mon. Midday/ 5230) a day after a Dream about my Late Mom. Those are address digits to my Late parents home. It's possible those digits will manifest again soon. 

It is also possible that some incident could happen on the (GCSC) campus before the end of 2018 or maybe later in 2019 that requires First Responders and attracts the attention of local news sources. 

Anything major would be considered rare. Can't recall any significant news connected to (GCSC) in the past.

Examples: Active Shooter, Fire, riot, scandal, Sexual Assault, weather damage, an on campus death, a vehicle ramming incident, maybe something good for the school, not limited to those suggestions.

GCSC would more than likely be in local or national news headlines. 

We will see where this all leads.

My interpretation could be off.  

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