10/25/18/ This is one of dozens of Celebrity Dreams I have had since the 10/10/18 Hurricane Michael strike on our area. I'm limited on my posting ability for now. Included Dan Lauria because of the bizarre way his image has been popping up since the Dream. I am using a make shift antenna and getting this nostalgia TV stations and he has shown up twice on past shows etc. just when I flip on that channel (JAG) TV series and another one. Something appears to want my attention on actor Dan Lauria. Recently saw him on the showtime series (Shameless) before the storm knocked out Elec. and cable. Have power but no cable. Antenna's sold out in our area. But my home made one works well. More tomorrow hopefully.

Actor Dan Lauria

Recorded Dream 10/23/18 and have since been guided to his image on past TV shows over the last two days.

Outside of being conjured up for Fla. Lotto purposes we could get a high profile news story about or connected to actor Dan Lauria soon or before the end of 2018 or later in 2019. 

His Bday is 4/12/1947/ You know the Fla. Lotto Rules by now.

Have to keep these brief until I'm back online full time. 

We will see where this leads.

No guarantee it will lead to anything. 


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