9/13/18/ Thurs./ Make sure to read the Result Carefully.

You should find this interesting

I was a guest last night (8/17/18/Fri.) on (Late Night in the Midlands) with Host Michael Vara.

In a roundabout way I told Michael that anything we discuss on the show could be connected to a Future Event. In other words being on his show at this time is no accident. 

The following is a good example of Proof.

Michael brought up his love for Pro Wrestling which led to the mention of specific Pro Wrestling Stars (Ric Flair) and Hulk Hogan

I informed Michael that Ric Flair trained in my Bodybuilding Gym when he visited my area etc.

Reported today 9/13/18:
Below you can read Ric Flair Major Headline News that manifested in less than a month after the mention on (Late Night in the Midlands 8/17/18 show)

WWE legend Ric Flair, 68, ties-the-knot for fifth time with longtime fiance... one year after near death health scare


It will be interesting to see what will manifest next connected to that (8/17/18/Fri. night) Late Night in the Midlands Show. 

You can listen to that show about Precognition and predicting the Future by clicking on the information below and searching the archives

People can listen live at www.latenightinthemidlands.com , or click the chat & listen page http://latenightinthemidlands.com/chat-listen/ from our drop down menu tabs where player & chat is located or any of these other links below.

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