9/13/18 (Thurs. Eve.) Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo (389)


Alan G. Dream posted (1) week ago on 9/06/18

On his 4/13/18 Bday the (3) digits (893) hit on the Fla. Lotto Pick 3

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9/06/18  12 Noon CDT.

New Prediction

Alan G.   Born 4/13

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (413), (1954/Year of Birth) or what manifested on 4/13/17 and 4/13/18 to possibly hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot (within 30 days).  Past phone and address digits (2468)(1066) could also hit in any combo over the next 30 days.

I could hear news about or connected to Alan from someone. I could be out and we have a chance encounter.

 I have had no contact with Alan in (6) years.
He trained at my gym and was a competitive Bodybuilder. 

More than likely the DW conjured him up for Fla. Lotto purposes.

Dream/POV/ What seemed like my Kitchen

I was leading Alan toward my Kitchen while urging him to be quiet.

In our POV we can see the Oven/ Microwave area.

I point out this Bat Looking Creature that is hanging upside down sleeping from the exhaust fan area.

It looks to be hairless and grayish in color. 

Alan dons an astonished look.

He whispers that it doesn't look like any Bat he has ever seen before. 

I nodded and told him I was going to get my camera.


Very real and life like Dream got my attention on Dream Fragments Alan G and this strange Bat looking Creature.

Hopefully I'm not going to have a Bat show up in my House anytime soon. If so I will try to capture video of it. Maybe one will show up in my Backyard forest. 

This could be a heads up that we will get an interesting news story about one or more Bats, some type of hybrid Bat species or some prehistoric Bat fossil before the end of 2018 or later in 2019. Not a run of the mill or general Bat Story. 

A video might go viral of a strange Bat looking Creature inside of someone's home. 

One Other Thing

This might not have been a Bat. It might have been a Chupacabra Creature.

Someone could capture clear photos or video footage of a real Chupacabra in the near Future. Or maybe someone claims to have captured a live one. 

Major News Sources would more than likely report on this type of discovery. 

We will see where this leads.

My interpretation could be off. 

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