9/14/18/ This Major Alaska Headline News that mentions a Rainbow Park (what are the odds of this) appears to satisfy those Dream Fragments. Will the Airplane Dream Fragment manifest soon ? I wonder if she will be found near an abandon Airstrip or sighted by a plane passing by. Maybe my Subconscious inner guide will show me where she is

17 FBI agents help in search for missing Alaska girl

A search that includes 17 FBI agents has yielded no sign of a 10-year-old girl who went missing in a remote, largely Inupiat Eskimo town north of the Arctic Circle on Alaska's western coast, prompting authorities to investigate whether foul play was involved.

Ashley Johnson-Barr was last seen playing with friends at a local park in Kotzebue a week ago. Her cellphone was later found a half mile from Rainbow Park, in the opposite direction as her home in the community of about 3,100 

Dozens of locals gathered Wednesday evening at Rainbow Park to pray and share hugs and tears over the missing girl, an honor student


Read the Original Dream Below to notice Alaska and Rainbows Dream Fragments. (Could this be a Coincidence ?):

9/09/18  11 PM CDT.

Miracle Plane Landing/ Alaska/ Multiple Rainbows Dream

Dream/POV/ Inside of a luxury Commercial Plane in Flight

My Dream Character and a number of other various aged individuals that I don't recognize but appear to know are standing around this good sized on board bar chatting and laughing. 

I don't recall what we were talking about.

Flash Forward

I'm in a separate good sized room on this plane preparing to lie down on a bed when suddenly a serious turbulence hits and bumps me all around the room. This is followed by what feels like the plane descending rapidly in a semi nose dive. 

I become pinned against a wall and hear the whirring sound of the plane going down.  In my sleep I can feel my heart racing but I don't wake up.

It was so real !!!

Burst of White Light

Myself and dozens of people are standing outside this plane on  an unknown landing strip in a daze. Some of them I noticed from the Bar. 

I heard someone ask where we were.

Someone replied that we landed in Alaska. (I didn't notice any snow or cold air/ in fact it felt warm and dry)

Suddenly I hear this angelic music and glance around to notice a number of beautiful full sized Rainbows all around this area. Everywhere I turn I see a Rainbow in my POV. I'm wondering if anyone else notices these Rainbows.  

This gave me a great peace inside. 


This very real and life like Dream got my attention on a Commercial Jet (maybe a luxury brand) being hit by major turbulence which appeared to put it into some form of jeopardy. Possibly a nose dive scenario. 

It also appeared to be a Miracle Landing at an Airport other than the Plane's original destination. (Possibly in Alaska)

Multiple full sized beautiful Rainbows. 

Commercial Jet (Possible Luxury type) hit by Turbulence Dream Fragment

We do get serious Turbulence hitting Commercial Plane incidents from time to time in the News.

An incident like this could be close to manifesting soon or before the end of 2018. Not a run of the mill or general turbulence scenario.

This Turbulence situation might result in putting the Plane into a fast drop or descent possibly into a nose dive.

The Dream indicated that the plane landed safely at a location other then it's plotted destination.

This could turn into one of those miracle landing stories and the pilot or pilots would be hailed as heroes. 

It is also possible an Airplane (maybe Commercial) crashes due to a serious turbulence and some people survive it. 

I can't guarantee the real life scenario will be exactly like the Dream. 

Commercial Plane or Plane landing at the wrong Airport Dream Fragment

The Turbulence hitting a plane and the landing at the wrong airport could be separate Fragments.

Which could mean a High Profile News Story could develop soon or before the end of 2018 or later in 2019 about a Commercial Jet landing at the wrong airport. Possible a great distance away. These do happen from time to time, but one might stand out over past incidents. 

Multiple Rainbows Dream Fragment

When I saw the Rainbows in the Dream they gave me a sense of peace and that everything was fine.

Most of us associate Rainbows with Good News or Good Fortune. (Pot of Gold or after a storm etc.)

I don't know of a negative connotation connected to a Rainbow symbol. 

Those Rainbows might have been conjured up by my Subconscious to let me know I have an abundance of Good News in my near Future. (Maybe)

Or someone might catch a cluster of full Rainbows on video or a photo that goes viral. More than likely Major News Sources would show a video/photo like this. 

Alaska Dream Fragment

The Dream indicated the plane might have landed in Alaska.

Something about or connected to the State of Alaska could attract the attention of First Responders and major media before the end of 2018 or later in 2019. 

It could be something that affects the entire State or some area of Alaska. 

Alaska is Earthquake and Volcano Prone. So either one of those scenarios could turn into something major. 

A Tsunami is not out of the question if a large enough Quake hits off shore. 

The Subconscious wants my attention on Alaska for some reason. 

Something else might rise to my mind in regard to Alaska and if it does I will update this post. 

We will see where this leads

My interpretation could be off

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