Mariachi band surprises Southwest passengers with mid-flight performance


Repetition Phenomenon
2/6/2:40 AM CDT.
Mariachi Bands

Have encountered at least a half dozen movies or TV shows where a Mariachi Band plays as some segment. I can't remember noticing this before. 

I feel we could get a newsworthy story about one or more Mariachi bands. I would think something interesting or maybe unusual. 

Example: A group of bank robbers dress up like a Mariachi band. Or worse, a group of terrorists do this to get inside some facility. Members of the cartel could even do this to assassinate someone. Not limited to those ideas. But I think you get the idea. It might even be some Guinness world record thing. 

I mean it's not like anyone else is making a prediction that a Mariachi Band will make major news. Mariachi Band should be in the news headline. 

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