7/11/18  10:35 AM CDT.

New Prediction
Monty W.   Born 4/26

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (426) or (1968/Yr. of Birth) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot in less than 30 days. Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 4/26/17 & 4/26/18 which could also hit in any combo in less than 30 days.  

Monty trained in my gym for a number of years. He owned or did own an auto mechanic shop and I think dabbled in selling used cars

Have had no contact with Monty in some time. 

99.9 % of the time when the DW shows Monty it has been for Florida Lotto purposes. 

It is possible I could hear news about or connected to him from someone or I could be out and we have a chance encounter.

Dream/POV/ Daytime/ Outdoors/ Local 23rd Street

The Subconscious conjured up a close up of Monty in a manner I would recognize him because I have not seen him in person for sometime. (Younger Version might apply here)

Younger Version Explanation:
1) For quick recognition because I'm not sure how they appear today.

2) For Fla. Lotto reasons. Which means to include bdays beyond the standard last two. 

We were standing in the parking lot of The Vitamin Shoppe at the intersection of 23rd and Hwy 77 (a popular local intersection). 

Note: I encountered Monty outside of this same Vitamin Shoppe 8 or 9 years ago. He was walking in as I was walking out. 

In this Dream scenario I did not feel he recognized me. 

He asked (How do I get to the New Cheesecake Factory ?)

I was not shown but I could see my hand pointing down 23rd street to the East.

I replied (You go down 23rd Street until you get to Beck Ave. and turn left at that intersection)...then I paused and continued (Actually I think there is a faster way). 

Then he asked (Is there an Applebee's close by ?)

I stated (Head down 23rd street and you will see it on the right).


Another very real and lifelike Dreamscape that got my attention on Monty W., The Cheesecake Factory, Applebee's, Vitamin Shoppe, Hwy. 77 and 23rd Street Intersection, Beck Ave. and Beck and 23rd Street intersection.

Many Fragments in this Dream Vision.

Explained at the top of the post why Monty was conjured up.

I have no plans to visit Vitamin Shoppe anytime soon. Always possible I could wind up in that parking lot for some reason in the near future. Maybe to witness something at the intersection of Hwy 77 and 23rd Street.

Possibly some incident that attracts First Responders and local media could manifest at this busy intersection in the not too distant future. Possibly sooner than later. 

Vitamin Shoppe Dream Fragment

It's possible something could happen at this local Vitamin Shoppe location (or in the parking lot) that attracts the attention of First Responders and Local media.

Examples: A robbery, Out of control vehicle crashes into the building, a fire, an accident, an active shooter scenario, bomb threat, tainted vitamin supplements, maybe it closes due to economic reasons. Not limited to those suggestions. 

The address digits of the local Vitamin Shoppe are (2296). Very possible that some combo of these (4) digits will manifest into a near Future (within 30 days) Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Jackpot. (Note: No combo of these (4) digits have hit since (2013) )

Not limited to news about the local Vitamin Shoppe location. Something about or connected to another store or the Company could manifest into Headline News within the remaining 2018 or later in 2019.

Cheesecake Factory Dream Fragment

As far as I know we do not have a Cheesecake Factory in our area.

This Dream could be an indication that one will be coming to our area in the near future.

Local media would announce this as exciting local news.

No guarantee it will be located at the intersection of our local Beck and 23rd or somewhere along our local Beck Ave. 

Beck Ave. cuts through St. Andrews which is a location of many popular restaurants etc. 

I would think our Beach would be the location chosen for a Cheesecake Factory. 

Outside of one being announced or this area we could get an interesting Headline News Story about or connected to one or more Cheesecake Factory locations or the Company within the next few weeks, months or within 2018 or later in 2019.  

Applebee's Dream Fragment

There are a few Applebee's locations in our area but the Dreamweaver indicated the one on our local (23rd Street) which is located at (678).

Always possible it was conjured up for Fla. Lotto reasons which means some combo of (678) could manifest into a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo within the next (30) days.  Note: no combo of these (3) digits have hit since Sept. 2017.)

Sometimes the Last (4) of a person's or Business phone number can manifest into Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Jackpot Combos. The 23rd Street Applebee's are (9888). Note: No combo of those digits have hit since Nov. (2014).

No plans to visit this local Applebee's anytime soon. 

This specific Applebee's could become the center of significant incident in the near Future that draws the attention of First Responders and local media. 

Examples: An active Shooter scenario, robbed, inside or outdoor incident, vehicle crashes into it (accidental or on purpose), A fire, bomb threat, some form of food poisoning, and not limited to those suggestions. 

One or more Applebee's locations or the Company could become the center of High Profile news within the remaining 2018 or later in 2019. 

23rd Street Dream Fragment
Maybe some major local incident occurs along some area of 23rd Street between Hwy 77 and Beck Ave. that requires First Responders and attracts local media.

Examples: A High Speed Chase, An active Shooter scenario, a Tornado touches down, flooding, a massive Fire, A bomb threat, a natural gas explosion, Not limited to those suggestions. 

Maybe nothing.

Beck Ave. or 23rd and Beck intersection Dream Fragment

Recently on May 22, 2018 there was a major active shooter scenario that took place at the local Briarwood Apartment Complex on Beck Ave. This location is just off of 23rd Street.

That very rare incident became National News.

Note: I moved from Briarwood Apts (where I had resided many years) in 2004. 

Posted a detailed Dream on 3/24/18 that suggested an active shooter scenario could occur at Briarwood Apartment Complex or somewhere along Beck Ave. (You can Fact Check this in the Archives where you will find two Briarwood Apartment dreams that were posted before that May 22, 2018 very rare incident)

Posted another recent Briarwood Apartment/ Beck Ave. Dream on 7/02/18 and now Beck Ave. is conjured up again by the Subconscious Dreamweaver.

It is possible something is close to manifesting in regard to Beck Ave. and possibly Briarwood Apartments again.

Briarwood apartments are located at (2203) Beck Ave.
Although a combo of these digits hit recently it is possible they could echo back in again within the next 30 days. (maybe)

Beck Ave. could make local headline news in some other manner soon.

Examples: major vehicle wreck, a fire that requires a detour, an active shooter, weather related incident, flooding, Train wreck, natural gas explosion, Car Chase scenario, school bus accident, Bank Robbery and not limited to those suggestions. 

Special Note: Something else might rise to my mind in regard to all these Dream Fragments and I may update this Dream Post later.

We will see where all this leads.

My interpretation could be off. 

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