6/13/18/ Update on Tragic Mount Kilauea Volcanic Eruption predicted by my Late Father in this Dream.  

"A lot of tears": Lava destroys as many as 700 homes in Hawaii

Read Original Kilauea Major Volcanic Eruption Dream Below:
2/2 11:34 AM CDT.
My Late Father  

Not uncommon for many Dead Celebs and people I know to show up in Dreams. 

Note: Dreams of the Departed with interaction and dialog are always so life like. 

In this Dream: 

It was like my Dad had never passed on. He looked healthy and vibrant. Appeared somewhat younger.

He did seem to convey this information about a major volcanic eruption with alarm. 

He indicated the Kilauea Volcano (located at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park) exploded

Kilauea is an active Volcano. You can look up more information on it. 

It is possible that the Kilauea Volcano could surprise the world and have a major eruption beyond it's steady Lava flow in the not too distant future. 

Could that eruption be deadly? Very possible. Had to be some reason the Dreamweaver brought the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii to my attention via my Late Father. 

It should be interesting to see who this turns out.

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