3/13/18  3:20 PM CDT.

New Prediction

Steve N.  Born 11/22
Note: Second Dream of Steve since 2/14/18. That Dream produced a quick hitting Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo (4) days Later. 

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (1122) or (1966/Year of Birth) to possibly hit as a Pick 4 Jackpot within 30 days. Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 11/22/16 & 11/22/17 which could also hit in any combo within 30 days

Steve started training at my gym when he was a teenager so I have known him for many years.

He has been involved with Local Law Enforcement for a long time. 

I have had no contact with Steve in a number of years.

It is possible I could hear some local news about or connected to him in the near future or I could be out and we have a chance encounter. Would be rare to hear from him. 

Dream/ Out of Body Observation/ Daytime/ Location: Looked like our Downtown area

Some type of Festival was taking place on this nice sunny day. 

I could see Steve wearing sunglasses, dressed in his Law Enforcement Uniform with utility belt and holstered handgun observing the action. 

Suddenly dark clouds started rolling into the scene grabbing Steve and festival goers attention. 

Steve yelled out while directing with his arms for people to take cover.

Within that same moment a dark funnel cloud started forming close to the festival site.

Someone yelled out that a Tornado was forming.

This caught Steve's attention and I heard him utter to himself (Oh No !)


This is the Dreamscape the Subconscious Dreamweaver chose to get my attention on Steve, this festival and a Tornado.

Special Note: This is the second Tornado Dream since 3/10/18 (3) days ago. That Dream was about a Local Female News Anchor reporting on the aftermath of Tornado. (Look back and read that Dream)

Also: Steve N. was almost killed by a Tornado some years back. He and his partner were trapped inside of local restaurant they had gone in to make sure everyone evacuated prior to Hurricane Ivan. 

They were caught off guard when the Tornado hit this building and they were lucky to grab hold of something to anchor themselves. He told me it was like a scene out of the movie (Twister). 

Hopefully not an Omen this will happen to Steve again. Or it is a sign that another Hurricane, Tropical Storm or some type of storm might spawn one or more tornadoes to strike our area.  

Hurricane Ivan did not hit our area directly but it spawned 5 tornadoes that caused serious damage and some deaths. 

Tornado Dream Fragment

It is possible this second Dream is indicating that a High Profile Tornado incident is close to manifesting. Which means it could occur within the next few weeks, months or at least within 2018. 

No guarantee it will manifest in my area, but it could.

Outdoor Festival Dream Fragment

An outdoor Festival of some nature could be affected by an out of blue Tornado in the near future. 

If one formed fast with no warning it could cause numerous fatalities and damage. 

It is possible some outdoor Festival is affected by something else other than a Tornado.

High winds could knock down a stage or grandstand causing damage and fatalities. This has happened more than once when a sudden storm formed. 

 An active shooter scenario could happen.

Think the tragic Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre in Las Vegas that happened last Fall. It is possible something like this could manifest again. Let's hope not. 

An Amusement ride could malfunction causing fatalities and injury. 

Note: Many locations will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day this Saturday. Something High Profile and newsworthy could occur at one of the many celebrations. Not limited to the USA. Hopefully security will be beefed up at all the festivities. 

Not limited to those suggestions.

My interpretation could be somewhat off. 

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