2/08/18  11:23 AM CDT.

New Prediction

Steve S.  Born 9/14/1965   Passed 4/18/2017

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (914) or (1965/Year of Birth) or (418/ Date of Death/ 2017/Year of Death) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot within 30 days. Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 4/18/17, 9/14/16 and 9/14/17 which could also hit in any combo soon.(Within 30 days.)
 Address and phone digits (401) or (4479/7549/7448) are also Fla. Lotto Eligible to hit as a Pick 3/ Pick 4 Jackpot Combo. 

Special Note: 99.9 % of the time when the Subconscious conjures up the Dead the result is usually Fla. lotto related. Always possible I could hear of someone I know passing on soon. 

Steve joined my gym as a teenager back in the 80's. He had Cerebral Palsy that affected half of his body. He wanted to become a Bodybuilder and he wanted to compete. He accomplished this goal against all odds. 

Steve passed away almost 10 months ago by an alleged self inflicted gun shot.

I had a series of Dreams about Steve prior to this sad news. This has happened prior to death news of other people I knew. Plus some other signs were recurring prior to the news of his passing. 

Sometimes the Subconscious will conjure up the Dead as a heads up that someone I know will pass soon. 

Dream/ POV close up

The Subconscious conjured up a close up of Steve's face wearing his glasses. He appeared very much alive and well.

He told me someone else I knew was going to die soon in the same way he did and that many people would be sad and shocked from not noticing the signs. 


The Dream is indicating that someone I know (and probably Steve knew) will commit suicide in the near future possibly with a gun. This could happen within the next few weeks or months or within 2018.

Death by Suicide is always a shocking revelation to most.

Suicide catches most everyone by surprise because it usually is enacted by someone who appears to be stable. 

Steve mentioned it would be sad and shocking which would mean someone who appears on the surface to be fine. 

Note: I have had a series of Dreams over the past couple of months about people that I know. Former Girlfriends, Friends, Family members and some local people. 

One of them could commit suicide soon. Let's hope this is not the case. 

Someone might have been or will be diagnosed with a terminal illness which leads them to decide to commit suicide. 

In addition:

It is possible a major celebrity could commit suicide in the near future which indirectly would be someone I know. 

Celebrity Suicides always attract the attention of major news sources. 

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