2/07/18/ Might have been worse if he wasn't in shape. (Maybe)

Healthy gym fanatic, 33, set to lose all his fingers and toes after catching the FLU - despite getting the vaccine and being told he was in 'top shape' at his physical days before

  • Joei Smith, 33, got the flu shot in December and passed his physical days later
  • But that week he started to feel dizzy and weak at work; he went to urgent care
  • At hospital he was diagnosed with flu, sepsis, pneumonia and kidney failure 
  • The Dallas, Texas doctors said he had just 24 hours to live
  • Hours later they stabilized him with blood pressure lowering drugs but that left his fingers and toes blackened
  • Smith is getting his fingers amputated today and will lose his toes later on 

  • Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5364559/Gym-buff-33-lose-fingers-toes-FLU.html#ixzz56Tk1RXQt 

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