2/11/18 (Sun. Mid.) Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Result (2411)

Posted a Dream of a past Fmr. GF named Inga on 1/31/18. On 2/4/18 (5) days later there was a Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Eve. Result connected to her 11/24/16 Bday. (You can look back to Fact Check all this)

2/10/18/ Sat. 

Yesterday afternoon I left my house at 6:12 PM to pick up a pizza at a nearby Domino's. I flip on the radio in my car.

The next song is by an 80's group called (The Cutting Crew/ I just died in your arms).

The first person I thought of was Inga because this was one of her favorite songs. I made a note of this on my notepad to see if would lead anywhere. 

The song finishes by the time I get to Domino's.

I walk inside Domino's to pick up the pizza and on their sound system (in progress) is the (Cutting Crew/ I just died in your arms) (6:22 PM CDT.) Coincidence ?? Had to be another radio station. I jotted this down on my notepad.

2/11/18/ Sun.

I am in my bathroom cleaning up and flip on the radio at 12 Noon. The station I had on starts fading so I scan until I find something that comes through. I tune into a Country Legends station out of Dothan Ala. (96.9). I decide to leave it on.

Within minutes a Randy Travis Song (Forever and Ever) comes on. This is another Inga connection. I had immediate recall of a story she told me about this specific song and her grandparents.
I made a note of this at 12:02 PM. 


It all made sense when I checked today's Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Midday game result (2411).

These are the (4) digits that make up Inga's bday of (11/24 or 1124) !!!

The Question: Is the Lotto Result an outcome of the Cutting Crew song (I just died in your arms) and the Randy Travis Song (Forever and Ever) Clues ? Was I being guided?

Or is today's Fla. Lotto Midday Pick 4 Result another Clue connected to some Future news about Inga??

In addition: Could we get news about or connected to the (80's) Music group (The Cutting Crew) or (Randy Travis) within the next few weeks, months or within 2018. 

So Interesting...don't you think.

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