1/13/18/ Have been posting about this scenario for (3) years. You can look back through the Blog Archives to fact check. There is one of those posts highlighted below. Click on the news link and watch the video. 

Military Base Attacked:

Attack by drones with explosives raises alarm


 9/21  10:56 AM CDT. Dream ...this is one out of a number posts suggesting radio controlled model planes or personal Drones could be used for Bomb Delivery etc. 

But something like this could become high profile news.
Would not surprise me that a newsworthy story very similar to this dream in some manner will become Headline news. It might be caught on video and go viral.

I'm sure it is only a matter of time before their is a law enacted to prevent drones etc. from flying into the airspace of Private Property. Until that time people might fight back by trying to destroy these objects with guns, water hoses, homemade EMP, flamethrowers etc. 

We could also get a newsworthy story about or connected to a motorized model plane being used for something less than noble. Maybe it carries a bomb or something else. Not limited to that suggestion. I think you get the idea. 

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