1/10/18/ Tragic and so young and again proves it doesn't matter if you are in tip top condition. The Bodybuilder from the Dream was shown much thinner than normal which may have been used as a symbol of a health issue. Make sure to read the entire Dream and Summary that was posted only (2) months ago. 

Bodybuilder, 21, dies from FLU just five days after catching the virus which made his organs shut down from shock

  • Kyler Baughman, 21, fell ill on December 23rd with a mild cough and runny nose
  • He had Christmas and went back to work December 26, but had to come home
  • The following day he was rushed to hospital but he died December 28 
  • Cause of death was given as organ failure due to septic shock caused by the flu 

  • A 21-year-old bodybuilder has died just five days after contracting the flu.
    Kyler Baughman, from Pennsylvania, fell ill on December 23 with a cough and congested nose but thought nothing of his symptoms.
    He was forced to come home from work on December 26 before his condition rapidly worsened and he died just 48 hours later.

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  • 11/03/17   11:24 AM CDT.

    New Prediction

 Daryl    Born 8/14

Dream/ Setting: Indoor Health and Fitness Expo

Myself (circa early 2000's) was walking through this huge Health and Fitness Expo taking in the booths and exhibitions.

 Stopped at one booth for some samples to put in a goody bag I was carrying when a familiar male voice called out from behind me.

I turn and see a lean African American Male that I did not recognize at first.

That is when Daryl states (It's been so long you don't recognize me?)

It was then I realized it was Daryl who no longer was the big buffed up Bodybuilder

Original Dream Summary Below:


I have not been to a Bodybuilding show or Fitness Expo in quite some time and not plans to do so in the near future. 

This was the scenario the Dreamweaver chose to get my attention on Daryl. 

Note: I have noticed after the last few Dreams about persons I met through Bodybuilding etc. that a number of high profile news stories developed about Male and Female physique athletes. A number of those news reports were about Physique athletes dying. It didn't matter that they appeared to be in great physical condition. 

Always possible one or more news stories dealing with  Male or Female Physique athletes will evolve soon possibly dealing with fatalities, injury or scandal etc. and not limited to those suggestions. This type of news could develop before the end of 2017 or later in 2018. 

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