1/13/18/ This is Scary !!! What if the USA retaliated based on a probable First Strike and then found out it was a glitch. Make sure to read the highlighted yellow text. 

Hawaii as Civil Defense issues alert for 'inbound ballistic missile threat' which told thousands to 'urgently seek shelter' then takes 37 MINUTES to say it was a false alarm

  • The alert was issued to residents' phones at 8.07am on Saturday morning
  • It told them to seek shelter and warned of an 'inbound ballistic missile threat' 
  • Residents called Civil Defense in a panic and were told it was a mistake 
  • Despite government agencies tweeting that it was a mistake, it took 37 minutes for another alert to be issued  
  • Officials have since confirmed the mistake and said it was caused by 'human error' 
  • One person said they were told that 'someone pushed the wrong buttons' during an emergency systems drill  

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New Prediction

8/06/17   11:06 AM CDT.

Jason Biggs    Born 5/12/1978

Dream/POV/ Close up/ Not sure of the location

Jason (as he appears today) and this young (unknown to me) African American Teen were in a conversation about where the young man was going to go to school.

He told Jason he had a scholarship to a school in Hawaii and that he had to be there by 11/05. (I'm assuming Nov. 5th).


Hawaii was mentioned as a location. I could only speculate on why. 

The area code for Hawaii is  (808). It is possible some combo of these digits could hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot combo in the next 30 days.

Hawaii could suddenly draw the attention of major news sources because of something significant that happens.
Not a run of the mill or general event.

Examples: A major volcanic eruption, an off shore Quake causes a dangerous Tsunami, or an Earthquake rocks the area or one of the Islands. A terror attack scenario.
A major storm hits Hawaii. (Hurricane or Typhoon). A widespread Blackout. Aircraft (Plane/ Helicopter) problem or crash. Pearl Harbor comes to mind. Not limited to these suggestions.

Hawaii could make news headline within the next few weeks, months or within 2017 and maybe later in 2018.

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