1/29/18/ There have been a number of High Profile Earthquakes within the last (2) weeks. 6.0 and higher in magnitude. Are these a result of this impending rare Super Blue Blood Full Moon that has not occurred in over (150) years. (Maybe)

We are currently under the 7 day shadow prior to the Jan. 31, 2018 Super Blue Blood Full Moon. (Lunar Eclipse)

According to the Farmer's Almanac Earthquake activity intensifies up to 7 days before a Full Moon and the 7 days after. The intensity period will wane after Feb. 7th give or take a few days.

Does this mean a Major Earthquake will hit?

It means the environment is ripe for one or two (maybe more) Newsworthy Earthquakes to manifest. More than likely in those well known areas these are more likely to occur.
Also possible that one could hit in an area not known for Major Earthquake activity. It would be considered Rare but Newsworthy.

Note:Quake activity happens everyday all over the world.  The Earth burping to relief pressure underneath. Most go unreported because they are small and cause no damage.

Odds increase during a Full Moon Phase
 that a Major Newsworthy Quake of a 6.0 or greater magnitude could hit within the next 14 to 21 days.

Possibly creating a a Newsworthy Tsunami.

Other Major Water (Flood) Event Disasters are possible.

A Newsworthy Volcanic Eruption could also manifest.

We will wait and watch. Somewhere on the Globe there Could be some serious rumbling and Shaking possibly Soon. Maybe in a major populated area. 
No guarantee. Earthquake Experts may disagree.. But maybe not! 

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