1/24/18/ Human Cloning could happen very soon. Will Cloned Humans have Souls??? The Cloning Dream posted less than a month ago. You might want to look back and read the long version of this Dream. 

Move over, Dolly: Monkeys cloned; a step closer to people?

12/31/17   4:20 PM CDT.

New Prediction

Original Cloning Dream Fragment Below:

Rabbit/dog Cloning Dream Fragment

Rabbits have been a good sign symbol throughout my life.

But there has to be a reason this rabbit/dog crossbreed was shown.

Cloning, gene splicing, DNA alteration is happening at a number of places around the globe.

It is possible one or more researchers have their own (Island of Dr. Moreau) experiments going on.

We might get a glimpse at some of these hybrid creatures in the not too distant future.

 Makes you think of the Jurassic Park movies and the new species of Dinosaurs being made. 

Scientists could create a number of new species. 

That could turn into huge money in the pet market. 

Something like this could become major headline news in 2018.

Cloning, gene splicing, DNA alteration, new species, hybrid breeding etc. might be in the headline or something like those suggestions. 

Without a doubt will create major Worldwide controversy.

My interpretation might be somewhat off, but will make sense in some manner. 

Many times things about Dreams will rise to my mind at a later time. If so I will update this post.  

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