1/24/18/ We might finally find out if they lived beyond the Escape from Alcatraz. Notice the Dream Summary at the bottom suggests we may get news about the (3) convicts that escaped.  

Nephews of Alcatraz escapee believe he is ALIVE but slam FBI for 'keeping resurfaced letter a secret' after cold case reopens on the infamous 1962 prison break

  • Nephews to Alcatraz escapee John Anglin, who allegedly penned a letter saying he was alive, have spoken out
  • In 2013, San Francisco Police Department's Richmond station got a letter claimed to be written by John
  • He offered a deal with cops - if they promised him only one year in prison, he would reveal his exact location

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Original Alcatraz Dream Below:

6/07  3:55 PM CDT.

 Ken (Former Telephone lineman) born 10/8 or 10/08

In the Dream:

The Dreamweaver conjured up Ken as he appeared in younger years. 

Ken is an avid reader. He was telling me about this new book he was reading that had (Alcatraz) as the backdrop.

The Dream faded after he mentioned (Alcatraz).

So the DW spliced (Alcatraz) into the quick Dream Sequence. 

More than likely it will have nothing to do with Ken. 

The subconscious wants my attention on Alcatraz for some reason. 

Have had past posts dealing with Alcatraz manifest into headline news within reasonable time frames.

Very possible we could get a high profile or significant newsworthy story about or connected to the world famous former prison (Alcatraz). Maybe sooner than later.  Not run of the mill or general type news. 

It might have to do with the Three Prisoners that escaped from Alcatraz in 1962...Frank(Lee) Morris and two brothers (John and Clarence Anglin). 

The (1979) film (Escape from Alcatraz) starring Clint Eastwood as (Frank Morris) is somewhat based on that actual escape. 

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