1/03/18/ All of these Dreams were posted way in advance of this Harsh Cold Weather and Rare Snowfall in Florida. 

Snow falls in Tallahassee for the first time in DECADES, as the Arctic bomb cyclone sweeps up the East Coast causing travel chaos and airport closures

  • 'Bomb cyclone' is expected to be the region's most intense winter hurricane in decades, sparking a flurry of wind chill advisories and freeze warnings from Florida through to Maine

Snow fell in Tallahassee, Florida, for the first time in 28 years as the bomb cyclone prepares to batter the East Coast, causing traffic delays, airport closures and record breaking cold temperatures.

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The Sunshine State became a winter wonderland on Wednesday when flakes fell in northern Florida — part of a larger storm system that was spreading freezing rain, snow and sleet into Georgia and the Carolinas into the afternoon.

12/03/17  9:48 AM CDT. 

New Prediction

Excerpt from the 12/03/17 Dream that may have foreshadowed this Historical Cold Weather and Rare Florida Snowfall.

Field Jacket Dream Fragment:

My Dream Character dressed in my Army Field Jacket Dream Fragment

Note: Have not wore my Army Field Jacket in many years. A few weeks ago I did look at it and thought if it turns cold I might wear this.  Maybe a sign that some very cold weather is on the way for my area of Florida or the USA.  Possibly  soon.  Wearing it in the Dream was a such a real experience. 

Rare Snow in Florida Dream Below:

1/05  10:22 AM CDT.

Wes   Born  3/09

Have had no contact with him in many years. He moved from the area to Michigan

It is possible I could always hear news about him from someone. Or he could contact me out of the blue(which would be very rare. If he visited the area I could be out and encounter him. 

This Dream occurred after dozing off:

The Dreamweaver conjured up Wes as he looked in younger years. 

Very close up Dream. (Which could mean something is close (Lotto or News). 

He told me the Fla. Panhandle was going to get snow again similar to what happened in 1989. 
Note: he lived here in 1989. 

We were in the new location of my gym. (Had just finished moving in) a number of us were inside the gym when the snow fell and covered this huge Parking Lot.
We took photos. Not a light snow

The Dream faded before he gave me a time frame. 

I don't know if he meant this Winter. It is possible the Fla. Panhandle could have another rare snow event in the not too distant future. This Winter or a near future winter. 

Second Rare Snow Dream Below:

1/14  5:30 PM CDT.

In this Dream: Daytime setting

My Dream Character opened the Front Door of my Home to be surprised by a Snow Covered Lawn.

I stepped outside to discover the entire neighborhood was covered by Snow

It was maybe an inch deep (give or take). Dream faded.

Note: This is the second Dream the Dreamweaver  has conjured up about potential snow in the Fla. Panhandle. This has not occurred since (1989).


1) It is very possible that the Panhandle of Fla. will have a rare Snow Event. Has to be some reason the DW has shown this twice.

2) It is also possible the DW used my area in the Dream to get my attention on a Snow event in the lower Southeastern USA. 

Which means parts of Georgia and Alabama may have a Snow Event soon. As well as the more northern Southeastern States. 
Snow events in those States are not that rare

It will be interesting to see how this Dream Sequence turns out. 

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