1/12/18/ Urn of Ashes Dream posted less than (2) months ago. Make sure to read the original Dream and summary below the News Headline. Notice the Color of the urn in the photo and it's metallic.

Woman believes she bought urn filled with ashes at thrift store

Owner of urn donated to Goodwill being sought by Washington State police

Police in Washington State say they’re trying to find the rightful owner of an urn "with cremated remains" that was donated to a Goodwill location.

Authorities told KIRO 7 that the urn was brought to the store and found by an employee on Sunday as they were sifting through donated items. Police reportedly think that the donation was accidental.

Original Urn of Ashes Dream Below:

11/24/17   10:18 AM CDT.

New Prediction

Alan G.   Born 4/13

Dream/ Out of body observation:

Alan was shown in a manner I would recognize.

He was in a room packing a number of suitcases and carry bags.

A twenty something dark haired male was helping him. 

I didn't notice any dialog.

Suddenly the male helping Alan held up a (maybe metallic) bluish urn in his hands. He sort of throws it up to spin it around as if he was looking for something.

As he does this the top comes off and ashes spill out all over the floor. I could smell the ash.

The male was shocked and glanced at a not too happy Alan. 


The Subconscious conjured this scenario up to get my attention on Alan and this urn of ashes.

More than likely the two are not connected unless this is a heads up that Alan has or is about to have a loved one pass that has chosen to be cremated. 

Has to be some reason Alan was packing all those bags.

Might be symbolic of an exit of some nature. 

Urn of Ashes chaos Dream Fragment

This could be a heads up to a High Profile News story about or connected to one or more Urn of ashes.  

If I am interpreting this correctly this type of news could evolve within the remaining 2017 or later in 2018. 

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