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HURRICANE HARVEY/ READ PAST HURRICANE POST/ Appears to have Foreshadowed Hurricane Harvey/ TUES. 8/29/17

NEWS FLASH/ END OF THE WORLD PREDICTED FOR NEXT MONTH Sept. 20 -23rd/ What do you think? TUES. 8/29/17

NEW CELEBRITY DREAM/ MARTIN SCORSESE (Oscar Winning Director), TANYA S. (Past Fmr. GF),VICTOR C. (Friend from the Past) and GEORGE M. (Friend) TUES. 8/29/17

DEAD PEOPLE NEW DREAM/ CHUCK B.(Local Insurance agent/ Alive) R.B. (Fmr. Personal Trainer/Deceased) and his Deceased Brother (JOHN B.) (Also Fmr. Personal Trainer)/ TUES. 8/29/17

NEW DREAM/ D.K. (Fmr. G. F.) AND DAN P. (Friend from the Past)/ CLIFF S. (Deceased Friend of my Late Father)/ TUES. 8/29/17