12/21/17/ When you read the Dream notice Divorce was mentioned. Divorce apparently was used as a Symbol he would Divorce himself as CEO. (Maybe)

The papa of Papa John's is leaving the CEO seat

Original Papa John's Dream Below:

12/24 1:44 PM CDT.

John Schnatter (CEO Papa Johns Pizza)  Born 11/23
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Can't recall posting a Dream about John Schnatter in the past.

He is often seen on TV pitching Papa Johns Pizza. Sometimes with noteworthy Pro athletes.


My Dream Character and John were sitting outside a house. Reminded me of a vacation type home near a lake. Nice day.

He started talking to me about a woman (no name mentioned) who was driving him crazy. It felt like he may have been going through a divorce. But he did not indicate what he was going through with this Female.

I remember him shaking his head then dropping it down in a despondent manner. I stared at him as the dream faded. 

This is how the DW showed John Schnatter. It does not mean this is what will manifest for him. The DW may have plugged him in for someone else I know that may be going through a Divorce or break up or something else. I might hear about this soon or encounter this person. (Maybe)

Unless news breaks about John Schnatter in regard to something similar to the dream. Could he decide to step away from Papa Johns? Sell it? Or turn over the operation to someone else but maintain ownership?
The woman driving him crazy may be his Business. 

It will be interesting to see why the DW conjured this Dream up in this manner.  

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