12/26/17  5:30 PM CDT./ Have composed a number of Repetition Phenomenon Posts for the Blog with some astonishing results. You can always type Repetition Phenomenon into the Search and read some of those posts. This Another way I have discovered to intuit Future Events. At least in my Experience.

Repetition Phenomenon/ # 395

The (3) digit # (395) has repeated (3) times in the last (4) hours

Note: When I have this type of quick repetition event happen around me I get this sense that something is very close to manifesting. Feels like a sense of urgency. 


1) In a conversation about Turner Classic Movies or (TCM)
The channel (395) is mentioned as where to find it on Cable. (around 1:30 PM)

2) Channel surf to a (Showtime Channel) and join the (2002) movie (We are Soldiers) in progress. Within (30) Min's Actor Sam Elliott's character tells Mel Gibson's character they have (395) troops. (around 4:15 PM)

3) Watching local channel (7) news. Toward the end of the report a preview of the (6 pm) news is shown. It is about a road expansion of (30 A and (395). What are the odds? (5:28 PM)


It appears the Subconscious wants my attention on (395)....but why???

A) It is possible that (395) or some other combo could hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo soon. 

Note: These (3) digits hit earlier this month on 12/05/17 as (593) on the Fla. lotto Midday Game. It's possible these digits could hit again soon. 

B) A specific 395 of something could become the center of a headline news story within the remaining 2017 or later in 2018. 
People, vehicles, animals, etc. and not limited to those suggestions. 

C) In late August of 2007 (when the Blog originated) I use to number the posts. They were called Precog Posts. It is possible the Subconscious wants my attention of Precog Post 395. Not the first time this has happened with other (3) digit numbers repeating around me. 

Precog Post # 395 is below and how it appears on the Blog. It is very possible that something that was posted then will be connected to a near future High Profile News Event soon. 

Notice: Grand Central Station (or Terminal) was posted back then. Very possible some major news incident about or connected to this location could evolve within the remaining 2017 or later in 2018.  

395  Precog News Report on 11/28/08 at 2:45 PM CDT.

Grand Central. Repeating. First possibility would be the famous Grand Central Station of New York City. I suppose the clues could be linked to someplace called Grand Central. Either way expect a newsworthy story to develop with Grand Central at it's center in the near future.
Parasite. This morning I went into one of my self trance talks. I started talking to a mother about her child. She could not understand why her child suddenly started acting aggressive and mean. I told her a parasite was causing it. She said she had taken him to a few doctors and they wanted to put him on drugs to control his behavior. I told her a simple X-ray and blood test will reveal the parasite. I feel the the invisible via this trance self talk was trying to get info to me about a future news story that will involve a parasite discovery. It might be a breakthrough discovery that will explain many wrong diagnosis'. Regardless I would expect an interesting news story to develop about a Parasite discovery.

It will be interesting to see if either one (or both) manifest into some type of Headline News in the near future. 

D) (395) could hold various other meanings. Has to be some reason the Subconscious wants my attention on (395).

Hopefully it will make sense within a reasonable time frame. 

It could also be a coincidence and nothing will manifest. 

Now that I have acknowledged it...will it continue to repeat around me???

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