10/12/17/ This is an excerpt from the 10/11/17 (Yesterday) Volcanic Eruption Dream. Look back and read the long version of that interesting Dream dealing with a potential undersea or underwater Volcanic Eruption. Three people I know (Ken, Jerry and JOJO) showed up in that Dream. Very possible something about or connected to them (Fla. Lotto results or News) could manifest soon.)

In addition: The Undersea or Underwater Volcanic Eruption Dream Fragment is still in play. 

Japanese volcano erupts for the first time in six years sending up a towering 5,600ft plume of toxic smoke and coating entire cities with ash

  • Toxic smoke and ash spewed from the crater of Mount Shinmoedak in the south western Miyazaki prefecture
  • Students making their way to a school at the foot of the volcano had to wear helmets and masks this morning
  • Residents also described hearing rumbles while ash from a 5,600ft plume landed in four cities and towns

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4973040/Japanese-volcano-erupts-coating-cities-ash.html#ixzz4vJMLBXIK

Excerpt from 10/11/17 Volcanic Eruption Dream Post Below:

10/11/17  10:50 AM CDT.

In addition: It is possible the Dreamweaver used this type of Volcanic Eruption to get my attention on a near future major Volcanic Eruption that occurs on dry land.  

There are a few places on the Globe that are under Volcanic Eruption Alerts. Maybe one or two of those are about to experience dangerous major eruptions soon. 

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