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Thursday, August 10, 2017


8/10/17  10:19 PM CDT

Yellow Pollen or Yellow Something Outbreak Dream

Daytime Setting:

In the Dream I walked out of my House and noticed everyone in the neighborhood was cleaning up a serious fallout of what reminded me of Yellow Pollen. It looked like it had snowed Yellow Powder. Many people were wearing surgical masks. 

It had covered Cars, Roofs, Pets, telephone and electrical wires, carports. lawns and more.

It was not a light coat. This stuff was thick. 

There were several large piles that had been swept up. Others were washing it off their cars and driveways.

I had never seen anything like this in my life. I made sure to cover my mouth and nose with a tissue.


The Subconscious (in my Dream Experience) will exaggerate a Dream to get my attention.

This Yellow Pollen Dream might be a heads up to how bad the Yellow Pollen season will be in the near future. 

This might be limited to our area of the Florida Panhandle and it might be Nationwide and beyond.

It is also possible that a freak Yellow Pollen explosion occurs due to some eco phenomenon that happens overnight and somewhere the people wake up to something similar to the Dream. 

Unless I am mis interpreting what I thought was Yellow Pollen in the Dream turns out to be some Yellow Powder or some yellow chemical that might have been dropped by some Aircraft or the source comes from something else. Maybe a Train Wrecks that carries chemicals and it blows into some town. 

If something like the Dream actually occurs in Reality more than likely it will be caught on camera and shared online and either local or national news will cover it.

Yellow Pollen (or Yellow something) could make headline news within the remaining 2017 and maybe later in 2018, but this feels close based on how real the Dream was. 

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