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Tiger and Gorilla Dream

My Dream Character (a younger version of myself) was hiking through this beautiful serene Rainforest on a clear day. Not sure of the location. Felt Foreign. Some location on Earth where Bengal Tigers and huge Gorillas roam free. 

I noticed this large and tall weathered stone Face Monument a short distance away. I decide to explore.

As I get closer to the structure I notice a large furry body lying on the ground at the base of the statue. It is a headless Gorilla. 

 Then I hear a low voice telling me to run. My attention is drawn to the decapitated head of the Gorilla a few feet from the Body. 

I move closer to inspect the head and notice the face of the Gorilla has a light blue tint to it. 

Suddenly the eyes on the Gorilla head open and it speaks loudly....Run !

At that moment my heart starts racing. I can hear something moving fast through the foliage. 

I start running toward this large tree with a plan to climb it.

 A loud roar erupts and I turn to see this huge Bengal Tiger bust through the brush making a beeline toward me. 

I freeze with fear and see no way out. 

The Tiger is about to pounce when it suddenly stops a few yards from me. It starts pacing back and forth but never attacks me. 

It was like I had a protective force field around me. 


The Subconscious was specific on a Bengal Tiger and a headless Gorilla. 

I don't expect to be talking to a blue faced Gorilla head at anytime in the future:)

This was used by the Dreamweaver to make sure I paid attention. 

We could get a significant Gorilla poaching or slaughter newsworthy story within the remaining 2017. Or later in 2018
Not a run of the mill or general news story. 

This might happen to a specific breed of Gorilla that has a slight blue tinted face. Or to a rare Gorilla that is considered revered or legendary. 

I would imagine if this happens many animal rights groups and animal lovers worldwide would be upset and the internet would explode. 

Outside of this type of scenario happening overseas someone or a group might pull a very cruel act on a captive Gorilla at a Zoo or exotic animal habitat etc. 

I could be mis interpreting this Gorilla Dream Fragment. 

Tiger Dream Fragment

Hopefully I don't look out into my backyard mini Rainforest and see a Bengal Tiger lurking around at anytime in the future. They are beautiful Creatures. I have had one Tiger Encounter in my life. The animal was huge. 

Mass media does report on overseas Tiger Attacks from time to time. It is rare for the Subconscious to show me something that turns into a minor news story. So if there is an attack I would expect it to be major league with one or more fatalities. 

A Tiger could also escape it's Zoo Enclosure in some manner and create a serious chaotic event in a park. If not a Zoo then one of the many amusement parks that let the animals roam free while the spectators are enclosed. Think Disney's Animal Kingdom or Busch Gardens. Not limited to these locations. A Tiger could somehow wander away and escape into society. 

Hopefully not another Vegas or circus like Tiger Attack again. Remember what happened to Siegfried and Roy. 

In the Dream the Tiger did not attack me. It stopped for some reason. 

I would expect a Bengal Tiger or Tiger to make high profile headline news in some manner within the remaining 2017 although this felt close. It could happen within the next few weeks. 

We will see where this leads. I could be way off. 

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