8/06/17/ Just in case this manifests into anything. Like Near Future Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combos.

I use old Bodybuilding contest Tickets etc. for note cards. The back side is blank.

The front has the contest info and the ticket # on it.

I grabbed a batch to move to another location in my House and two of these past tickets fell out of the batch face up. (The only two tickets that fell out a number of these)

The two (3) digits shown were # 350 and # 372.

What is interesting about this:

(350) has a connection to the Clint Walker Dream Posted this morning. His Bday is (5/30 or 530)

(372) has a connection to the Jason Biggs Dream also Posted this morning. These (3) digits hit on his 5/12/17 Bday. 

Coincidence??? (Maybe)

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