8/12/17  6:29 PM CDT.

Toothpicks Dream Fragment/POV

This was a brief Dream/ not sure of a location

No one was seen. Only hands.

People were turning in various packs of Toothpicks into this bin.

As far as I could tell they were the Wooden variety of Toothpick.


The Subconscious wants my attention on toothpicks.

Possibly the wooden type of Toothpick. 

I could only speculate on why.

Toothpicks (wooden or other) could become the center of a significant headline news story within 2017 and maybe into 2018.

Based on how real the Dream felt it is possible Toothpick news could manifest sooner than later.

Some Company that mass produces Toothpicks might have to issue a recall because of a defect that could cause or did cause harm to consumers. 

Not limited to a defect. Toothpicks might be tainted in some other manner. 

Maybe toothpicks (wooden) have fallen out of favor with consumers and some company announces they are going to cease producing them which means there could be a shortage of them in the future. 

There has to be a reason the Dreamweaver showed me Toothpicks. I quit using wooden toothpicks some time back.

Most people use the plastic, brush pick or floss pick now to keep their teeth clean.   

We could see Toothpick or Toothpicks in news headlines soon. 

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