8/04/17/ The Dream indicated the Death of a Royal Family Member. This News is about where someone would be buried in the event of a Death of a Royal Family member. How often does the Royal Family of Denmark make global headline news.

Denmark prince refuses to be buried next to wife, the queen

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The husband of Denmark's Queen Margrethe is causing a stir in one of the world's oldest monarchies.

Prince Henrik has announced he won't be buried next to Margrethe in the Roskilde cathedral, where Danish royals have been buried since 1559.

Original Dream Below:

4/15 4:02 PM CDT. 

Woke at 4:52 AM to record this Dream Fragment

My Dream character had been watching news on TV about the Royal Family of Denmark. Someone in this Royal Family passed on. But I didn't get who. It had to be someone important enough for major news sources to cover the story. 
There seem to be some chaos as to who was going to run things. 
That was it.

Not sure why the Dreamweaver wanted my attention on Denmark of all places. 

We will just have to wait and see on this one. It is possible it will be like the dream or similar. Denmark was clear and something to do with it's Royal Family was as well. But I can't guarantee it's about a Royal Death.  

Is something Rotten in Denmark??

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