8/05/17/ Read Original Nap Dream Below News Headlines. Mercury Retrograde goes full blown on 8/11/17. Pre Merc Retro has been rough. 

Search for 3 missing Marines under way after aircraft crashes off Australia coast

Dream during a Nap from yesterday 8/04/17

I did not get a chance to post this Nap Dream from yesterday that dealt with a Plane Crash into a body of water.

Sometimes these things happen so fast. I glanced at this Nap Dream that I had jotted down on my journal prior to dozing off last night thinking I forgot to post it. I'm not sure how I got distracted from posting this. Rare for a Dream like this.

Note: I realize that if I don't post it on the blog in advance of the event very few would believe me. But I think my long term track record should speak for itself.   

Original Nap Dream/POV/ Aerial view/Daytime

I was shown a good sized aircraft that had crashed into the ocean. (Not sure where). I could see survivors in the water.

It could have been a commercial or military aircraft. Did not get a close up. Not a small private plane.

That was what the Subconscious conjured up during a Nap I took yesterday (Fri./8/04/17) afternoon. 

Then I saw this news today. 

Unless this present Military Plane Crash into the ocean off Australia today... is not the one I was shown. Could there be another soon? Maybe.

Hopefully they will find the (3) Marines alive. 

So interesting.  

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