8/05/17  7:42 PM CDT.

Chinchilla Repeating/ Repetition Phenomenon

Read Timeline:

1) Started on 7/29/17 (Last Saturday)

Went for a Drive and decided to stop at a Winn Dixie Store on our 23rd Street to pick up some Chicken at the Deli. 
Note: There is a Winn Dixie Store near my house off Highway 77. 

Prior to pulling in a Construction type truck roars by me. I notice the name is Chinchilla Construction. 

It hit me funny so I decided to jot the name Chinchilla on my notepad at 6:29 PM CDT. to see if would start repeating around me. 

It did.

2) Wed./ 8/02/17

Watching a Netflix Docu series called Hollywood Masters.

Episode (1) was Clint Eastwood. I did watch this.

When the Clint Eastwood Episode is done for some reason I jump ahead to Episode 11 which is about Aussie Director (George Miller).

Note: I did not watch any other episode before this. I glanced at the other Celebs and saw George Miller which was Episode 11.

As I listen to the interview about what led him to the Film industry the commentator (Steve Galloway) brings up that George was from Chinchilla. (How odd...another Chinchilla)
(6:26 PM CDT.)

3) Sat. 8/05/17 (Today)

 Came back home from running an errand. 

Went into my bedroom (Where I left the TV on).

Local Channel 7 Sports segment started. 

I decided to watch. Within moments a story about a local Semi Pro Football Team (called the Titans) having tryouts at a local Fitness club called (Fusion). (This location is not far from where I live)

One player is interviewed...(One Player) out of dozens trying out.

His name is (Pedro Chinchilla)....No kidding. What are the odds. (6:24 PM CDT.)

If you don't believe me I'm sure you could find the News story on the Local Channel 7 News website. 

It sure seems like something guided me to each of these repetitions and wants my attention on Chinchilla.


Have been experimenting with the Repetition Phenomenon for many years. (Note: I coined the term Repetition Phenomenon).

You can type (Repetition Phenomenon) into the search and read some of the fascinating Results. 

Special Note: It usually does not take long for results connected to the Repetition Phenomenon to manifest into Reality. 

This works for 2 , 3 and 4 digit numbers as well. Those usually manifest into Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpot combos within very short time frames. Sometimes connected to Past Precog Posts when I use to number them. A heads up of sorts that something from one of those is about to happen again. 


There are a number of locations around the Globe that carry the Chinchilla name.

It is possible this current stream of Chinchilla repeats is a heads up that one of those locations is about to become the center of a high profile headline news story within the remaining 2017. 

I could only speculate on how. 

It is possible that will be shown to me soon. (maybe)

When was the last time Chinchilla made Headline News?

A person that carries the last name Chinchilla could also become the center of a significant event that would attract major news media.

I realize there is an animal called a Chinchilla. They are found in South America around the Andes Mountains. In some manner these might become newsworthy in the not too distant future. 

Chinchilla could make headline news that has nothing to do with a location, name or the animal. 

Chinchilla repeating could be nothing but a Coincidence. (maybe)

It will be interesting to see if it continues to repeat around me. 

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