8/10/17   11:34 PM CDT.

ATM Machine Problems Dream

Daytime/ Seated at a table in a cafe with this couple

My Dream Character was talking to an (unknown to me) upset middle aged couple who told me they used an ATM to get money to find out most of their money was gone. 

They showed me two pieces of paper. 

One was a recent deposit slip and the other was their present withdrawal. 

They did not match. There looked to be a significant difference between the two totals.

 The Husband (wavy short dark hair and a full face) and spoke with NYC accent, told me they had made no other withdrawals since the deposit. The Wife (shorter than her husband with a reddish brown perm and wore glasses) added that other people were complaining about the same thing. 


I don't use ATM machines but many people do.

This Dream could be a heads up to a major league ATM Scandal. 

I don't expect anyone to consult me on an issue like the Dream. I did not recognize the couple. The accent sounding like NYC etc. might be an indication this ATM problem occurs in this area of the USA or at least starts there. 

A number of people might report that they can only get limited amounts of cash or no money at all because their accounts have been tampered with (maybe hacked) at where they bank.

If not a scandal then a possible major glitch might be causing the problem with the ATM machines. 

The Dreamweaver wants my attention on ATM machines that are not working properly.

Very possible one or more ATM machines will become the center of a high profile news story soon or within 2017 and maybe later in 2018. No guarantee it will be just like the Dream.

 I could be mis interpreting the Dreamweaver. Which happens from time to time. 

Only time will tell. Maybe within a short time. 

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