8/02/17/ Seems my Dream summary was on target about this ABC Sitcom coming to an end. It's all in the interpretation of the Dream Fragments. 

ABC long running show The Middle Ending After Season 9

Original Dream and summary Below:

5/01/16  11:26 AM CDT.

In the Dream:

My Dream Character was cooking up some Beef inside this huge indoor Food Expo.

As I was cooking this meat I noticed a group of people walked up to me.

It was the Cast of the ABC sitcom (The Middle). They appeared as their sitcom characters (The Hecks). Note: I won't be posting all of their Bday information. Although it could be valid for Fla. Lotto reasons.

I posted Patricia Heaton's Bday info because she stood closer and spoke to me while I was cooking.

Frankie (Heaton's Character) told me they were waiting on the Free Samples. (If you watch the very funny sitcom (started in 2009) then you know (The Hecks) go for anything (free). (Look up the filmography of the Show)

I finished with some of the beef and put it on a plate to serve and then noticed some of the beef was under cooked. 

I told (Frankie/Patricia) I was going to have to cook it longer. She turned to the rest of the group to inform them. Then she turned to me and said they would be back. I nodded okay. Dream faded.

Outside of the DW conjuring up Patricia Heaton for Fla. Lotto purposes it is possible that we could get a significant newsworthy story about or connected to her in the not too distant future. Within 2016..maybe sooner and maybe later.

We could also get news in regard to the ABC hit sitcom (The Middle) in the near future. It might be announced that the show could be coming to end after next season.

I watch and enjoy the show along with all the other great ABC sitcoms on Wed. nights. These families age before our eyes and sooner or later the writers run out story lines. (Note: if you watch ABC sitcoms you will notice they use the same story lines on each sitcom..usually weeks apart so you might not notice)

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