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Saturday, July 22, 2017

SYNCHRONICITY STORY(Connected to 7/06/17 Dream) FROM TODAY/ SAT. 7/22/17


Synchronicity Story for Sat. 7/22/17 (Happened earlier today)

Connected to Dream of a George C. Posted earlier this month 7/06/17

George C. Dream Post from 7/06/17 Long Version below:

7/06/17   10:09 AM CDT.

George  C. Born 7/31
Notice his bday is this month of July 2017. He may have been conjured up for potential echo Pick 3/PIck 4 Jackpot combos. 

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (731) or (1936) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot within 30 days
. Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 7/31/15 and 7/31/16 that could hit in any combo within the next 30 days. 

George trained at my gym for many years. Wes and George became good friends.

I have had no contact with George in a very long time.

It is possible I could hear some local news about or connected to him or I could be out and we have a chance encounter. 

Story:  7/22/17 (Sat)

I left the house at (11:53 AM CDT.) I didn't have a plan on where I was going. I thought I would check the mail. (I have a P.O. Box right down the street from my house.)

I started to pull into the Post Office lot and changed my mind and drove up to the stop light which was Red.

Then I thought I will go the Publix Grocery Store across the street from the Post Office. 

When the light turned Green for some reason I turned right and started heading North on Highway 77.

Then it was like I was in a trance. I kept driving and driving hitting every Green light. Then I saw a quik store and suddenly pulled in and parked. I sat in the car enjoying the AC and the song that was playing. I thought I'll go in and play one of the big Lotto games. The one with the biggest Jackpot total. 

Special Note: This Quik Store is quite a distance from where I live. 

I didn't go in for at least a few minutes. The place was semi busy. I wanted to wait until some left etc. I don't like waiting in lines. 

I go in around 12 noon.

There were 2 people ahead of me. Then I started looking at the scratch off games. I was in no hurry and got out of line to inspect. 

This place suddenly gets very busy. I'm glancing at people as they walk in.

I noticed this tall elderly man wearing a ball cap. He does not look well at all. Very thin and looked like he was walking with a hitch. I didn't recognize him. 

I hear him tell the counter person he wanted to fill up his car. She asked him which pump. He seemed confused by her question. He described his car to her (a blue Honda) and she glanced out the window to see which pump. 

He left his credit card with her. I noticed other gasoline customers doing the same thing. 

I'm still waiting for the sudden crowd to thin out.

There is finally a window. I approach the counter to buy a quick pick mega millions game with multiplier at 12:10 PM CDT.

About that same time the elderly thin man with the blue Honda comes back into get his credit card. He stands right next to me. (to my left)

She hands him a credit card. Again he looks dumbfounded. Then he tells her this is not his credit card.

She glances over at the other Cards and asks his name.

He then states his name is George C. at 12:12 PM CDT.
I took a second glance and realized it was the exact George C. way out here from his home. Which is a good 10 miles or more from this store. He has unusual last name. This is why I know 100% it was him. 

She finds his credit card and hands it to him. He brings it up close to his face to study it. 

Meanwhile I'm jotting all this down on my notepad to keep the story straight. 

George did not recognize me. (It has been at least 10 years or more since I have seen George in person.) I started to call out to him but he looked to be in a hurry.
I finally purchased my mega millions ticket and tried to get outside to wave him down, but he was gone. 


The Dream of George C. was on 7/06/17. Only (16) days ago.

The subconscious knew I was going to encounter George C. today. Look at the set up. 

I had to leave my House at that specific time. I had stop at that first stop light by my Post Office. 

I had to drive a distance to that store hitting every green light until I stopped at this specific location which is a good 2 or 3 miles maybe further from my House.

Note: There were several other Quik stores like this along the Highway 77 corridor I could have stopped. 

I had to sit in my car for so many minutes before I actually went in the store and then I had to wait inside the store. To finally have a physical encounter with George 

Plus: if he had paid in cash I would have not found out who he was. He had to leave the credit card and come back in for a second time so I could hear his name at that precise moment.

This can't be an accident or a coincidence. 

These type of synchronicity events happen to me just about everyday. I could easily start a Blog just on those stories alone.

These Synchronicity events happen to you as well.

 I decided over 30 years ago to start keeping a daily log to prove it. I carry a note pad with me everywhere I go and log the time I wake up, go here, go there etc. 

If you decide to undertake this endeavor you will see there is a distinct pattern to your life and that there really are no accidents or coincidences. 

Plus your subconscious will start giving you previews (fragments) of your Future (via Dreams/ Impressions/ Visions and many other ways) before it happens. 

Then you will see those things unfold before your very eyes within hours, days, weeks, months etc. and you will have physical evidence to show people because you kept a running journal with times/dates/ locations/ situations. 

At least in my experience it works this way. I don't think I am alone. We are all connected in a strange way. 

After all these years:
I am still not sure who is in charge:)

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