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Saturday, July 29, 2017


7/29/17/ Joaquin Phoenix Soccer Dream posted on 7/24/17 (only 5 days ago). That Dream post suggested a potential near future Soccer Stadium Stampede could manifest. Coincidence that this current Soccer Stampede news occurred within (5) days of the Dream Post. Very short Time Frame. 

Always make sure to look back and read the Long Version of the Original Dream so you will understand what I mean by Dream Fragments. 

Two people killed and dozens injured in a stampede before a football derby in South Africa

  • Stampede happened at one of the gates outside FNB Stadium in Johannesburg
  • Stadium managers said 'a number of people attempted to push though gates'  
  • The stadium, also known as Soccer City, hosted the 2010 Football World Cup
  • Organizers have been criticized for allowing the game to go ahead after deaths

  • Read more: 

    Original Soccer Dream Fragment Below:

    7/24/17   10:23 AM CDT.

    Joaquin Phoenix  Born 10/28

    Dream/ POV/ Daytime/ Soccer Field

    D.K. and my Dream Character were sitting on some bleachers with a number of other unknown individuals watching Joaquin Phoenix (dressed in a soccer uniform) doing practice kicks toward a goal. 

    He had a number of soccer balls lined up. He would kick with such aggression and grunting. It was somewhat comical. But he did rip the goal net. 

    There were other intimate fragments connected to D.K. and my Dream Character I might post later today.  


    I'm not sure Joaquin is into Soccer. Maybe.

    It is possible this might be a preview of a role he will play in the near future. 

    Has to be some reason the Dreamweaver conjured up Joaquin in this manner. 

    Soccer might be a separate fragment. Which could mean we'll get a high profile Soccer news story in the next few weeks, months or within 2017. 

    I would think something beyond general news. Not run of the mill Soccer news. 

    Example: A bomb blast, a terror attack, a collapse, a stampede, a player does something phenomenal. A Soccer icon passes on. Think (Pele) or someone like that. 

    If Pele suddenly passed on then that would become major global headline Soccer News. 

    My interpretation might be somewhat off.

    We will see where this leads.

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