7/10/17  10:06 PM CDT.

Severe Storm Surge or Freak Rising Tides Dream

The subconscious showed this scenario more than once.

I woke up to jot the first Dream Sequence in my Journal and then went back to sleep and was shown the same thing again.

My area of Florida was shown as the example

Any property within 1/2 mile (give or take) of the ocean etc. was experiencing severe flooding

All around this county people were being evacuated. 


More than likely this type of Flooding would be caused by a Hurricane. Or some other Phenomenon.

Maybe a result of sudden sea level rising. 

I rec'd the feeling this scenario could manifest sooner than later. Possibly within 2017 and maybe in 2018. 

The Dreamweaver showed my area of Florida to get my attention.

That does not guarantee this area will suffer severe flooding due to storm surge or something else, but it could. 

 Would not be surprised to hear Flood Insurance rates increase prior to this water event. 

I could be mis interpreting the message somewhat, but I know I was shown severe flooding due to something that causes tides to suddenly rise and not limited to a rain event. 

Some location on the globe might draw the attention of major media due to severe flooding caused by a serious tidal type event. 

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