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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


7/25/17  2:46 PM CDT.

Hitch Hiker Dream/ Daytime Setting

My Dream Character was driving along a two lane highway through a wooded mountainous area in what felt like a vintage automobile. The windows were down. I was ascending up this winding road.

On the radio was the Doors song (Riders on the Storm).

I had belongings piled up on the passenger seat area. There was a stuffed white laundry bag on the passenger floor area.

There was a small Dream catcher (feathers running down each side/ a small amethyst looking stone in the middle) hanging from the rear view mirror.

I came to a bend and see a long dark haired late 20's, Early 30's lanky built male. He wore dark jeans, a shirt over a shirt and a dark jacket over that. I think he wore boots (not sure on this). He had what looked like a dark duffel bag over his shoulder. (He might have been former Military).

At first glance he reminded me of the late Jim Morrison. 

He was standing on a rock with his hitch hiking thumb out and a big smile on his face. 

I stopped and waved him over. I started clearing the passenger seat out. Putting that stuff in the back seat area. 

He walked up to the car window. I turned the radio down. He wore a gold necklace with a small black charm hanging from that. I think it was an obsidian stone. 

I said do you need a ride. He nodded. I waved him in. He was gracious. 

I told him that I couldn't move the bag from the floor. He said no problem. He got in and propped his legs up. He put his bag in the back seat area. 

That is when I noticed some blood drip onto the white laundry bag. I don't think he realized I saw this. 

He was trying to get comfortable and that is when he pulled out this huge hunting Knife in a brown leather sheath from behind his back.

He pulled it out to inspect it. The knife glistened in the sunlight. I noticed it had a serrated edge but it looked clean. 

He noticed I was checking it out. He offered to let me hold it. I nodded it off. He put the knife back in the sheath and put it away. 

Before we traded names and stories I woke up. So real. Life like. 


I'm not into picking up hitch hikers. Especially on back mountain roads. 

The Hitch Hiker Dream Fragment

This could lead to a high profile news story about a deadly Hitch Hiker incident within the next few weeks, months or within 2017 possibly later in 2018. 

Possibly a Hitch Hiker who murders victims with a hunting knife. 

Not limited to a hunting knife. 

I can't guarantee the Hitch Hiker will fit the description of the person in the Dream. But they might.

I suppose it's possible someone assaults or murders Hitch Hikers with a hunting knife. That would be a twist. 

Something connected to Hitch Hiking should become headline news in the near future. 

Jim Morrison lookalike and the Doors (Riders on the Storm) song Dream Fragment:

I can't guarantee this but it is possible we could get an interesting Jim Morrison newsworthy story in the not too distant future. It might have to do with extended family or some memorabilia of his. Lost poems or song lyrics discovered etc. 

He may have been shown for Fla. Lotto purposes. 

Born 12/8/1943  Passed 7/03/1971

Very possible some combo of (128), (1208) or (1943/Yr of Birth) could hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot combo within the next 30 days. Also possible Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot combos from  12/08/15 or 12/08/16 could hit within the next 30 days. 

Notice he passed in the month of July. Very possible some combo of (703) or (1971/Yr of Passing) could hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot combo within the next 30 days. Also possible Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot combos from 7/03/15, 7/03/16 or 7/03/17 could hit within the next 30 days. 

Riders on the Storm Dream Fragment

Special Note:

I found this researching the song/ I did not know this until eerie it appears to fit the Dream
Jim Morrison mentions spree killer Billy Cook, in passing, during at least one interview.
 Cook killed six people, including a young family, while hitchhiking to California. In all likelihood, the Cook murders were inspiration for the song's lyric, "There's a killer on the road / His brain is squirming like a toad ... if you give this man a ride/sweet family will die ;..."

The Dreamweaver played this specific (Doors) song within the Dream. 

The song was released in (1971). These (4) digits have hit in combo twice this this year. They are not common. I suppose it's possible they might hit again on the Fla. lotto Pick 4 game. 

It could mean I will encounter the song in the near future. 
Flipping on a radio in my Car or at home. It might be in progress or start soon after. I might walk into a store and it plays on the sound system. You get the idea. 

An interesting news story about or connected to this specific Doors song might manifest in the near future. 

Has to be some reason the subconscious wants my attention on (Riders on the Storm) I love the song. It's great with headphones on. 

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