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Monday, July 24, 2017



Mercury Retrograde and how it may affect the NFL and College Football Training Camps

We are in the pre Merc Retrograde Phase.

In two weeks we will be in full blown Merc. Retrograde. That will last another 3 and 1/2 weeks followed by 2 more weeks of Post Merc. Retrograde. 

This is the very worse time for the NFL and College Football Teams to be involved in preseason training and preseason games. 

They could lose some top players to major on field injuries or accidents (many could be Freak in Nature).

Players could also get hurt or in trouble off the Field during this cycle. 

Some players could have season ending injuries during this cycle. 

Players who signed under a Mercury Retrograde will be most vulnerable. 

Example: Kevin White of the Chicago Bears signed under a Mercury Retrograde two years ago and was hurt in training camp the first year with a season ending injury and then he got hurt early in his second season with the Bears. This knocked him out of the season again. 

I have studied the Mercury Retrograde Cycle for many years.

Things happen all the time, but during a Mercury Retrograde Cycle they appear to multiply and intensify. 

All sorts of problems can ensue during Mercury Retrograde:

Freak Accidents/ Celebrity Deaths/Major Delays (Air, Land and Sea), sudden breakdowns of electronic and mechanical items/ surprise break ups and divorces/ sudden surprise deaths/ major environmental and weather events (usually Historical in some manner). 

Earthquake, Volcano, Tsunami, Flood, activity will increase when the Full Moon intersects the Merc. Retrograde cycle.

It will be interesting to see what pressure is put on Earth before during and after the 8/21/17 total solar eclipse and Full moon cycle. 

Heads of State need to add extra security. Assassination attempts appear to happen during Merc. Retrograde cycles. 

Remember anything you can put (RE) in front of will apply during a Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Returns/ Re invest/ Remove/ Retire/ Refund etc. Not limited to those. 

Past lovers and past Friends have a tendency to return in some manner. 

Many people could suddenly lose their job. But money is also Re turned during a Merc. Retro Cycle. 

Will update with more Merc. Retro info later. 

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