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Monday, July 31, 2017


7/31/17/ This actually manifested (3) days ago and has just made headline news. So the incident took about a week to occur after the post below. See what you think. 

Overpass bridge damaged after wreck on I-10

Original Repetition Phenomenon Post Below:

7/22/17  12:06 AM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Another method I use to predict future events. 

Low Bridge Causes Wreck Images repeating around me

This past week I have encountered several different shows (TV and movies etc.) in which an accident was caused by Buses or Semi tractor trailers trying to pass under low bridges or overpass systems and wrecking. The Vehicles roofs were too high to pass under these structures and this caused damage to the roofs etc.  

 One example: This past week I watched the new and very funny Netflix series (Friends from College). There was a scene where a double decker bus tried to pass under a low bridge and wrecked. 

Normally I would list at least three of the repetitions in a  timeline. Date and time and what I was watching when those reps occurred.  

You can look back at other Repetition Phenomenon posts and see those with timelines and the amazing rapid results. (Search Repetition Phenomenon)

What could this one mean:

These Repetition Phenomenon Experiences usually lead to real life incidents that are similar (and some exact) within short time frames.

I feel we will get a high profile newsworthy low bridge (or underpass) vehicle (Bus/ Semi tractor trailer) accident within the next few weeks, months or within 2017. Maybe later into 2018. Not limited to a Bus or Semi. I think you get the idea.

We might get more than one incident like this to occur, but at least one that attracts the attention of major news sources. 

For some reason this type of accident feels close based on many repetitions of that image occurring within a short time frame.

It will be interesting to see what may manifest. 

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