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Sunday, July 16, 2017


7/16/17/ Flash Flood Dream posted one month ago. This is not a run of the mill Flash Flood event.
Flash Floods do happen but not all attract the attention of major news sources. I'm sure the body count and where it happened made it newsworthy. So tragic and sad. 

Arizona swimming hole flash flood: 7 dead, 3 missing

Seven people are dead, including at least two children, and three others were missing on Sunday after a flash flood swept through an Arizona swimming hole. 

Authorities said 14 people were swimming in the area and were swept away in the flash flood. Multiple agencies responded to aid the department's search and rescue efforts.

Original Flash Flood Dream Fragment Below:

6/17/17  10:46 AM CDT.

Flash Flood Dream Fragment

There has to be some reason the Subconscious showed this sudden rush of water.

It is possible we will get a near future news report about someone (or more than one) being swept away by a Flash Flood.

These events do happen from time to time usually with fatalities. People get caught off guard. They never have a chance to move out of the way.

It is rare for the subconscious to show me something that turns out to be run of the mill or that takes long to manifest.

Major media would probably use Flash Flood or something similar in the Headline. 

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