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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


7/11/17/ It is interesting that this high profile Bear attack on a vehicle manifested within 2 days of this Dream. So is this what the subconscious was suggesting.  Notice the single Paw note from the original Dream then notice the single Paw injury noted in the news report. 

Stripped it bear! Family finds beast has destroyed the inside of their SUV after it opened the car door, crawled in and somehow locked itself inside

  • Ashleigh Watkins said she and her husband left their SUV's doors unlocked  
  • When they woke the next day, they found a large bear clawing at the inside of car
  • Watkins said she believes bear somehow opened the door and locked itself in 

According to the game warden, the bear wasn't a cub nor was it full grown. The bear also had an injured paw, the warden said.

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Original Bear Attacking Vehicle Dream Below:

7/09/17  4:29 PM CDT.

Bear attacks car on the Golden Gate Bridge Dream


The Golden Gate Bridge

Traffic was stopped because a huge Brown Bear had one of it's paws claws stuck in my driver's side window. I'm not sure how this happened. 

The snarling and growling Bear was trying to pull the window down of this old school VW beetle. (It felt like this type of vehicle)

I had a manual window knob. It was taking all my strength to keep the window up. My adrenaline surged and my heart was racing. 

I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed a news crew was filming the incident.

Suddenly cars in front of me started pulling out of my way. A path was made clear. I could see the end of the Bridge. 

I hit the gas pedal and pulled away. I heard the pop of the claws releasing the window. The Bear roared.

I looked in the rear view mirror and the Bear was chasing me, but it could not keep up. 


If you have been keeping up with the news you would have noticed that Bear attacks on cars have become more common. 

It is possible one in particular grabs the attention of major media. More than likely it will be caught on video and maybe streamed live. 

The Dream indicated a Brown Bear or least one with brown fur. 

I would not limit a Bear attack on a car to a Brown Bear. 

Hopefully I will not have a close encounter with a Bear anytime in the future. Bears have wandered into our neighborhood before.
I video taped one close to my House in Dec. 2004. The footage was used on the local news. This huge Black Bear was going house to house inside open garages and pulling out full bags of garbage and roaming around with them in it's mouth. It was comical. 

In the Dream my Dream Character did manage to escape unharmed from the Bear. Except maybe for that side of the car:)