Alan Colmes Fox News Strategy Room interviews Patrick Scott March 4th, 2010 - Part One

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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Monday, June 12, 2017


6/12/17/ Seems this UFO Orb News Story verifies the UFO Orb Dream posted less than (3) months ago. 

UFO hunters spot 'weird orb' while lost in hills near Boston

Three UFO hunters snapped a photo of a mysterious object while they were lost in the Blue Hills near Boston last week, according to reports.

“Well, we saw these two ships that had these like bright spotlights and then we saw this like weird orb that was like a spotlight, sort of,” she told the station.

Original UFO/Orb Dream Below:

3/15/17   11:18 AM CDT.

Dream/ Nice Day setting/POV (Woke up at 9:35 AM CDT to Record it in my Journal) That was about 10 min's after I dozed off)

D.K. wearing a Pixie Cut (Second time she has been shown with this hairstyle in a Dream) were walking hand and hand enjoying the day. I don't recall any dialog.

I noticed something up in the sky. It is a something large that is glowing and appears to be hovering. It has an odd spherical shape. It looks like some smaller orbs are circling this UFO.  

I turn to D.K. to get her attention on the object. I noticed she is already filming it with her white Smart Phone. She smiles and winks.


It is possible that we could get a near future mass UFO sighting within the next few months or within 2017. This might be a daylight sighting. I can't guarantee it will look anything like the sphere in the Dream. But it could.

I also can't guarantee it will be limited to a Daylight sighting. 

The DW may have used this as symbol to get my attention on the subject of UFO. 

The DW rarely conjures up anything that turns into a general news story. So if this Dream is indicating a near future UFO sighting then expect it to be major and more than likely caught on tape by one or more witnesses. That footage would probably go viral. 

I have never had an actual UFO encounter of any kind. Maybe that is going to change on some nice sunny day in the near future. 

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