6/15/17  10:15 AM CDT.

Another Park, Another Sunday/ Doobie Brothers Song (1974)

For the last few days this song has been playing loud and clear in my mind.

I'm not sure why the Subconscious has chosen this specific Doobie Brothers song as an earworm.

The tragic Alexandria shooting that took place yesterday occurred at a Park.

When I saw this terrible news I thought about the (Another Park) portion of this Doobie Brothers song title.

Could this be the reason the song was playing in my head. To get my attention to a Park. (maybe)

The song has continued to play in my head.

I did recall the song but decided to research it. I read the lyrics and did listen to the song online. I have yet to catch it on the radio. 

It was released in 1974. It rec'd limited airplay because of the lyrics (turn off the radio). Radio Personalities were offended by those lyrics and refused to play the tune.

Instead they played the B side (Blackwater) which became a major hit for the Doobie Brothers.  Must have been fate. 

The Song was composed by Tom Johnston the lead singer of the Doobie Brothers at that time (Pre Michael McDonald). It was based on a romantic break up he went through. 

Another Park, Another Sunday has a nice melody. When you get a chance listen to it. 

It is possible a high profile news story about or connected to the Doobie Brothers could manifest within 2017 or maybe later in 2018.

That news could be about one of the original members. Maybe Tom Johnston.  

There has to be some reason this specific Doobie Brothers song was chosen by the subconscious. 

If they are on tour it's possible they might perform in our area or close to it in the near future. 

Something else might rise to my mind in regard to this song.

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