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Saturday, June 24, 2017


On 6/22/17/ Thurs.

I was in my Car parked in the Wendy's Parking lot off Hwy. 77 (not far from where I live).

I was preparing to crank the car when my attention was drawn to the corner section of a piece of note paper in the passenger seat. The rest of the paper was covered by a brochure.

On the corner section was the date 4/22/17, the name of the singer Adele and her hit song (Rolling in the Deep) (6:41 PM CDT.)

A subtle thought ran through my mind (why did I write that down and I have not heard this song in some time). 

I jotted this down on my notepad because past experiences like this have manifested into Fla. Lotto Jackpots, news or I would be put into position to hear the song soon.

On 6/22/17 I posted a Dream about a past Fmr. GF. (Inga). Blk and White photos etc. 

On 6/23/17 noticed my A.C. unit was pooling water in my garage etc. I realized the drain tube must have backed up.

I went on you tube to look at simple ways to DIY etc. 

Found a method which required an inexpensive Wet Vac. I found the one suggested was on sale at Walmart. 

I thought I would try this before calling an A.C repair.

So I decided to turn off the A.C. for the night to prevent anymore water possibly spilling into the House. 


I get up earlier than normal so I have time to post new Dreams to the Blog and to get to Walmart to buy the Wet Vac. 

I get in my car at 10:28 AM CDT. I flip on the radio and there is an ad playing for a local business. 

At 10:29 AM CDT. The next song is Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Coincidence? This took about 36 hours (give or take) to manifest from noticing it on that corner of the piece of paper in my car on 6/22/17

I get to Walmart and park on the lawn and garden side parking lot at 10:33 AM CDT.

I get out and see a cart someone was too lazy to put in the cart bin. I use this cart.

I enter through the doors of the Garden Center. I weave my way into the main building and find the Wet Vac I  wanted. There were only a few left. 

Started to go to self check out when I remembered something else I needed in the pharmacy area. I got that item and then I went to the bakery deli area which takes me to the grocery door area.

In the same moment I notice a familiar older woman walk in this door. At closer inspection I realize it is Inga's Mother Maxine. Have not seen her in years. 

Two days after the 6/22/17 Dream of Inga. Coincidence?

There will be more to this 6/22/17 Inga Dream. 

It sure appears I was being guided today and the clues started on 6/22/17. As you can see I made no effort to make anything happen. I did not wish to hear that song or to encounter Maxine. 

Also interesting that my A.C. just happens to have this issue now. BTW. have not had this A.C. problem in over 10 years. 

I have had many of these experiences throughout my life.(and so have you) This is why I lean toward that our lives are by design. No accidents, no coincidence and each of us get previews before these things occur.

I'm pretty sure we get a preview of how we are going to die. President Lincoln did. That is documented. He saw it in a Dream. 

This should give all of us a sense of calm knowing something is in charge of all this and there really is a reason for everything and it's not just a cliche. 

Still it is sad for me when I see what happens to many young children in the world. Terrible things. I have a difficult time believing this is part of a divine plan. 

So what do you think? Is everything predestined? It would explain much.  I can't believe it's all random.

I thought you would enjoy this true to the bone silly little synchronicity story. 

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