6/04/17  5:57 PM CDT.

This is a Fragment from Robin Wright/ Kevin Spacey Dream that was posted earlier today. Look back and read that Dream Post. 

Barbed Wire Dream Fragment

Setting: Daytime

My Dream Character, Robin Wright and several other Women (unknown in reality) had Barbed Wire wrapped around one ankle and tied to this chain link fence. 

I managed to undo the Barbed Wire from my ankle and was set free from the fence.

I went over to Robin to help her. I asked the other Women to watch so they could set their selves free.

I proceeded to carefully untangle the barbed wire from Robin's ankle which set her free.

The Women began to untangle the barbed wire from their ankles. They were relieved.  

There was no damage to anyone's ankles. 


Another very real and life like Dream Fragment

Has to be a reason the subconscious conjured up Barbed Wire in this manner.

More than likely we will get a high profile news story dealing with Barbed Wire in the next few weeks, months or within 2017. (or later)

Maybe someone invents a Barb Wire that works without damaging an animal or Human. 

I'm not sure why the Dreamweaver showed Robin Wright and these other women bound by the Barbed Wire to this Chain Link Fence. 

I covered why Robin may have been conjured up on the earlier post. It is possible her bday info will produce quick hitting Fla. Lotto Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot Combos soon or some major news is close about or connected to Robin Wright. 

Robin is from Dallas Texas. It's possible the subconscious used her because some major breaking news will evolve from Dallas within 2017.

It might have to do with a group of abducted Women that are bound with Barbed Wire and they manage to get free or someone finds them and helps them escape. (maybe)

All the Women in the Dream were Caucasian and from different walks of life. 

Has to be a reason the Subconscious wanted my attention on this scenario.

Something else might come to my mind and I may update this post later. 

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