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Friday, June 2, 2017


6/02/17  10:06 PM CDT.

Airplane in trouble Dream

Setting: Daytime

My Dream Character was in a House (unknown in reality) that is located on a large canal or River.

Suddenly the House starts vibrating at the same time I hear a loud roar of good sized plane flying low. 

I rush out to a Deck and see a prop plane (maybe a cargo plane) with serious smoke billowing out the back and engines. It flies low to the water and then rises up again. 

Then it appears to circle the area and flies back over my location again buzzing low. 

I never see it land or crash. 


Has to be some reason the Subconscious conjured up this very life like Dream. 

Planes crashing or in trouble is nothing new.

It's rare for the Dreamweaver to show me anything for a minor reason.

We could get a breaking news story about a plane that is in trouble and needs to find somewhere safe to land beyond an airport.

This might be broadcast in real time or at least captured on video by individuals on the ground. Major news sources would pick up on this. 

It could be a cargo or commercial plane (maybe private) that this happens to.

The plane in the dream was a good sized prop plane.

This is what the Dreamweaver used to get my attention. No guarantee it will look anything like the one in the Dream. 

Also not sure where this could happen. Maybe locally. 

Hopefully if it does occur it will end well. Might be considered another Miracle on the Hudson. 

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