6/15/17/ It is possible they tried to do something to his brain and it went wrong. 

Looking back through my many notes on past Dreams and or Repetition Phenomenon etc.

I found where I had Otto repeating. I thought I had made a post on this. But I can't find where I did or because of making the notes I thought I did.

The Otto Warmbier case is without a doubt High profile Otto news. 

When I saw he was being released due to a Coma I went into story idea mode.

The Manchurian Candidate came to mind.

I would put nothing past North Korea and Kim Jong Un's love for American Movies. 

Movies give ideas to the bad guys all the time. Things many think would never happen in reality, but they have and were foreshadowed by many films. 

One of you reading this that still hold out you will write that best selling novel or screenplay should run with this idea with new twists. Might make it about the Federal Reserve instead of the Presidency. 

The Pitch: The Manchurian Candidate meets Telefon with Charles Bronson (you can look that 1977 film up) One of the better Bronson films.)

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