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Saturday, June 17, 2017

LOTTO JACKPOT DREAM RESULT/ NICK SANDOW (Orange is the New Black ) DREAM (Posted (6) days ago 6/11/17) READ RESULT/ SAT. 6/17/17

6/17/17 (Sat. Mid.) Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo (069)

Nick Sandow Dream Posted (6) days ago on 6/11/17

On his 8/03/15 Bday the (3) digits (906) hit on the Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Midday game.

Special Note: The (3) digits (690) hit on the Fla. Lotto Eve. Game on 6/04/16. This is the 16th Echo Jackpot to hit this month. 

Original Nick Sandow Dream Below:

6/11/17/ 11:03 AM CDT.

Nick Sandow   Born 8/03

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (803) or (1966/Yr. of Birth) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 or Pick 4 Jackpot within 30 daysInclude Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 8/03/15 & 8/03/16 which could also hit in any combo soon within 30 days.

I have been binge watching the hit Netflix series (Orange is the New Black). Started with season (1) a few days ago and I'm now on the new season (5). 

What an incredible series. Might be the best thing on TV or at least in the top 5. 

I can see why it has won so many awards. 

Nick Sandow gives a career defining performance in this series. 

I did start season 5 of the series late last night prior to dozing off. So it's possible this is why the subconscious triggered his image.  

Outside of the Dreamweaver conjuring up Nick for Fla. Lotto purposes we could get a high profile news story about or connected to him within the next few weeks, month or within 2017 and maybe later.

Examples of High Profile News: Death, illness, divorce, marriage, accident, pregnancy or birth of a child, extended family news, public incident, Career Acclaim etc. and not limited to those suggestions.


Nick Sandow was shown as his (OITNB) prison warden character (Joe Caputo). So I would recognize him.

Brad Pitt and my Dream Character were carrying these  old and worn brown leather satchels. 

Nick guided us out of this building onto this plush green large lawn. The grass was so green and thick. Beautiful.
There was a small cinder block wall (low to the ground) that surrounded this lawn. I could also see a body of water in the distance. It was a nice day.

Nick pointed to the left and motioned for me to walk that direction.

Then he asked Brad to follow him. 

That is all I recall.

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